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Chocolate and rum mousse

Chocolate and rum mousse

The chocolate and rum mousse is a delicious and good dessert to eat with a spoon (or biscuit!). The addition of pears in the glass gives a light fruity taste, as well as scenic, for a pairing that we know is perfect: rum and pear! The wafer wafers filled with hazelnuts, on the other hand, give that crunchy note that transform creams to be eaten by the spoon, even more appetizing. In short, I don't know if you understood it, but I loved this chocolate mousse;) Well friends, my days continue to be more and more messy, today I have the shooting of the video recipes, so I leave you a basin and I at work: *


How to make chocolate and rum mousse

Melt the chocolate in the microwave, add the softened butter and mix until creamy.

Add the gelatin previously softened and dissolved in 20 ml of cream, the rum and the icing sugar.
Jumbled up.

Whip the remaining 160 ml of cream.

Now add it to the mixture and mix.
Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Clean the pear and remove the peel. Cut it into thin slices and let it soften in a pan with the butter.
Add the brown sugar and then blend with the rum.

Prepare the mousse base by cutting the wafer pods into small pieces, then place on the base of the glasses.
Fill the glass with the chocolate mousse with a pastry bag.

Garnish with a few slices of pear and a wafer and serve.

Video: Heston Blumenthals Chocolate Mousse Masterclass. MasterChef Australia. MasterChef World (January 2022).